12 Best Pre And Post Workout Drinks: DIY Recipes To Improve Energy Levels

Ready to use against. Natural energy drinks

The market is flooded with ready-to-use energy drinks, and all of them claim to keep you full of energy throughout your workout. But experts recommend avoiding store-bought beverages and making natural energy drinks at home before and after training. Here’s why you should choose natural energy drinks over ready-made drinks :

  1. Natural energy drinks contain less sugar (mainly fructose). Because they are homemade, you can easily change their sugar content to suit your needs.
  2. They contain no more than 8% carbohydrates, which promotes weight loss in the long run.
  3. The sodium content of these natural beverages remains under control, which is essential for people with high blood pressure.

So it makes perfect sense to make your own workout drink. But there are some things you need to keep in mind.


Drinks before and after training are important for increasing energy levels, boosting endurance and increasing resistance to exercise. Home-made workout drinks are the best option as they are free of any form of preservative and contain natural nutrients, unlike commercially available energy drinks.